The evolution of music through culture and science

Vaizdas be pavadinimo

Music is an international key aspect of humanity which impacts life, from love songs to religion, politics, and warfare. Changes in culture and developments in science drove musical progress from printing and distribution to instrumental improvements, innovation, and the acoustics of buildings and concert halls. Every aspect increased public demand and changed compositional styles, plus heightened the need for virtuosic star performers. Conversely, the attempts to record and distribute music inspired the growth of recording systems, microphones, and electronic amplifiers, which has resulted in the electronically dominated world as we now know it. The book maps these continuous changes and how they have influenced musical evolution, and it not only explores the past, but attempts to predict the near future in terms of the potential for new electronic instruments and the ongoing shifts between recording and broadcasting techniques (tapes, vinyl, CDs, streaming, etc.), together with their impact on, and the survival of, the music industry. Examples of changes for keyboard, string, and brass instruments, current understanding of voice production, hearing, and brain processing of music are all discussed. This book is for those interested in all aspects of music, from classical to jazz and pop. It does not require either scientific or musical backgrounds, but it will enhance enjoyment of music, and reveal the probable future of musical trends.