The dream of fluxus: George Maciunas: an Artist’s Biography


 Biography of this leading member of the Fluxus movement. George Maciunas (1931-1978) established strangely radical modes of presentation in the name of Fluxus. In his view the bulk of the conventional art business–museums, theaters, concert halls, opera houses, and publishers–should cease to exist. Traditional works of art were to be replaced by Fluxus. Art was to be so uncomplicated that it could be realized by anyone, anywhere. New pieces would have their copyrights protected and would be available for the price of a paperback. Maciunas was a staunch opponent of personal enrichment and came up with spartan solutions for almost every life situation. Despite his tireless efforts, he never achieved his ultimate goal, and he died impoverished and in miserable circumstances. 100 duotone illustrations.