The library participates in the international tactile book competition

Atversta taktilinė liečiamoji knyga

We are glad that the library has created a tactile book “My Book” for visually impaired readers. The author of the book is librarian-methodologist Šarūnė Leikienė. This book will take part in the international competition of tactile children’s books “Typhlo & Tactus”, which has been organized since 2000.

The parents of children with visual impairments, family members, educators, teachers, art students and professional artists submitted their books to the competition. The winners will be awarded valuable prizes. The book, which won the first place, will go to the International Museum of Tactile Illustrated Books in Dijon, France.

About “My Book”

The cover of „My Book“ stands out for its texture, making it easy to identify by touching the surface. The pages are made of natural linen fabric. The content of the book consists of various prominent shapes – letters, numbers, pictures – that children can recognize by touching. Much of the content is interactive, inviting children to get involved and play with the removable elements. The book is also suitable for young children as a means of developing sensory, motor and creative skills. By opening the book and touching its pages, children will be able to play the game of crosses and zeros, brush the bear’s teeth, catch flies with the frog’s tongue, and do many other things.

The author of the book Š. Leikienė hopes that this book will provide beautiful engaging moments, develop tactile, sensory and fine motor skills as well as creativity and critical thinking.