Virtual Graphics Studio

Respublikos g. 14

Phone: +370  616 19 175, e-mail   

Virtual Graphics Studio is a space for leisure activities and personal development. The activities organized here, provide trainings of technical, specific skills.

Here you can find:

  • A photography studio with the necessary equipment you need to develop your photography skills and organize a photoshoot. Here you will also find interesting books about the art of photography that will help you to advance your knowledge and understand the subtleties of good photography.
  • Virtual reality equipment.
  • Graphic tablets. Those who love to draw will be delighted by the new graphic tablets.
  • 3D printer. A real joy for those who love programming.

Everyone who wants to have a good time with like-minded people and to develop their skills and knowledge is welcome here. Services for the young people aged 17 to 29 are free. Other visitors are given the opportunity to rent the equipment.

Zen Zone

Respublikos g. 14

Tel.: 8 616 19 175, e-mail: 

ZEN ZONE is a unique place in the library, where you can relax and run away from everyday challenges. If you would like to have a minute for yourself and care for your well-being, it is a place for you!

ZEN is related to your inner focus. The ZEN ZONE offers just that: you will feel the calming ZEN atmosphere, get familiar with the Japanese culture, and unleash your creativity. ZEN ZONE is designed to relax your mind by surrounding you with green plants, sea sand and quietness.

ZEN ZONE welcomes youth from 14 to 29 years old. Bring a novel, a notebook, or simply relax and focus on yourself.

Lending Department

Respublikos g. 14, Ist floor

Tel. (8 45) 46 55 65, e-mail


Lending department is a place where visitors can register, obtain a reader’s card, and borrow books.

How to become the library’s reader

Lending department organises themed exhibitions of books, display and lend the newest reading material. The department also lends audiobooks for visually impaired individuals.

Interlibrary lending services (ILS) allow readers to borrow documents from other Lithuanian libraries.

You can borrow and return books in self-service terminals.

Computerised workstation for disabled persons

Respublikos g. 14, Ist  floor

Tel. (8 45) 46 54 97, e-mail

Neįgaliesiems darbo vietaThe library offers a special workstation for people with disabilities on the first floor, next to the registration desk. It allows visitors to easily use library’s informational resources. This workstation contains:

  • a keyboard with larger keys,
  • a special mouse,
  • Lithuanian language synthesizer,
  • a screen view enlarging program “MAGIC”, which allows to see 12 to 16 times larger view,
  • a reading program JAWS, which reads the text aloud for you,
  • ergonomic furniture,
  • a wheelchair.

There is also a vertical platform lift, which allows you to reach second and third floors.

In the library Lending department (1st floor) there is a service point of the Lithuanian Library for the Blind, where visually impaired persons and people with other disabilities can borrow audio books and magazines (on MP3 format).

More information here

The Main Reading Room

Respublikos g. 14, IInd floor

Tel. (8 45) 46 55 65, e-mail  

The Main Reading Room is a place for individual studies and individual work.

The open collection of printed documents consists of publications from various studies:

culture studies,
literature critique and science,

The collection is open and accessible to the users. Documents are not ordered on the library’s information system.

The reading room holds 12 computerised workstations. Free Wi-Fi is available. Documents can be copied using colour or black and white printer. Prices

Periodicals Reading Room

Respublikos g. 14, IIIrd floor


Periodicals Reading room is a place where visitors can read newspapers, magazines and other periodicals, to study and work.

The collection of periodicals is divided into two parts: newspapers and magazines. The open collection consists of nearly1000 differently named periodicals, such as:

current Lithuanian newspapers and magazines,
current periodicals of foreign countries,
scientific publications of higher education institutions of Lithuania,
general informational publications, encyclopaedias and vocabularies.

The reading room holds 30 workstations and 6 computerised work stations. Free Wi-Fi is available.

You can copy and print the documents. We offer copying services for document fragments. Prices

Region’s Cultural Heritage and Informational Publications Reading Room

Respublikos g. 14, IInd floor

Tel. (8 45) 46 16 00, e-mail

Region’s Cultural Heritage Reading Room is a place where you can find various kinds of information about the region of Panevėžys and its people.

The open collection is formed of more than 4000 different publications such as:

fiction books,
art albums.

The open collection is easily accessible. The publications are not to be ordered through the library’s informational system. Documents from the collection of Rare books, Personal book collections, and Manuscript collections can be ordered by library workers upon visitors’ request.

The Reading room holds 14 workstations for visitors, 4 of which are computerised and 2 provide a scanning self-service (for A4 and A3 format documents), where you can digitise your personal documents. Free Wi-Fi is available. Library’s official website of Panevėžys region:

Arts Reading Room

Respublikos g. 14, IIIrd floor

Tel. (8 45) 46 55 52, e-mail

Menų erdvė

Arts Reading Room is a place where you can find various information about art, to participate in or organise educational activities.

The Arts Reading Room also holds an exhibition of Stasys Eidrigevičius work. It is a unique opportunity to get to know the publications about the art of a world-renowned Lithuanian artist who lives in Poland. The publications include:

fiction books,
art albums,
art exhibition albums,
illustrated books,
postal cards,
other original art works.

You are welcome to use the publications inside the library.

Here you will also find:

A collection of Lithuanian and foreign composers’ music sheets,
music recordings of various periods, styles, genres, nations (stored in phonograph records, audiotapes, CDs, and other computer storage devices), video recordings of feature films, documentaries, cartoons, concerts, theatre performances,
art albums of famous Lithuanian and foreign artists.

The Reading Room holds 5 computerised workstations. Free Wi-Fi is available. You can copy and print excerpts from audio recordings and save them into storage devices (audiotapes, CDs, USB flash drives). Prices

You can listen to audio recordings and watch videos individually or in groups. It is required to make a reservation in advance.

Juozas Urbšys Social Thinking and Culture Centre

Zaosė farmstead, Krekenava eldership, Panevėžys region

Tel. 8 688 75 727, e-mail

J. Urbšio sodyba

Juozas Urbšys Social Thinking and Culture Centre is the library’s subunit. The Centre operates within the library and carries out cultural, scientific, artistic activities.

It manages the last Foreign minister of Lithuania Juozas Urbšys’ farmstead. The farmstead, which was gifted to the library by the minister’s relatives after his passing, includes an old house where the exhibition of historical documents and photographs of J. Urbšys are being kept.

The centrepiece of the farmstead is a historic oaktree. Its’ shadow serves as a cosy place for the library’s social gatherings, celebrations, exhibitions, poetry readings and other events.

You are welcome to visit the farmstead and the exhibition at an arranged time.

Juozas Miltinis Heritage Study Center

Algirdo g. 54–19

Tel. (8 45) 43 69 89, 8 616 191 68, e-mail

Juozas Miltinis Heritage Study Center is the authentic home space of the legendary theatre director of the 20th century Juozas Miltinis. The entire personal legacy of the director is exhibited here, including his personal library, manuscript, artwork collection, audio and video recordings of rehearsals, photographs, personal belongings.

Theatre chronicler Kazimieras Vitkus’ archive of Panevėžys Drama Theatre is also kept here.

A modern exhibition, which reflects the life and art of J. Miltinis, also creates the atmosphere of his theatre.

Here you can do the following:

learn about J. Miltinis’ biography and career by looking into a modern time band, which displays interesting documents, items and photographs;
find broad information about the artefacts by using QR code scanning program;
participate in educational activities;
attend events, exhibitions, guided group tours.

Please register in advance, if you want to participate in educational activities or guided tours.

Children literature department

Respublikos g. 26–4

Tel. (8 45) 46 55 52, e-mail

Children Literature Department ­­ is a place where school students, teachers and everyone interested in literature for children can find something useful.

The department collection includes publications, such as:

Encyclopaedias, vocabularies, informational publications, periodicals, and magazines for children, themed poetry folders for school teachers in Lithuanian language.

The department workers also consult on customised search in the library’s collections, catalogues, and give guidance on literature for children.

The department holds two computerised work stations. Free Wi-Fi is available.

You can copy and print your documents or save them into a digital storage device. Prices

You are welcome to attend various events and art exhibitions.

The official website of Children’s Literature Department

Open Space for Youth

Respublikos g. 14

Tel. 8 616 19 175, e-mail  


Open Space for Youth is a place to spend leisure time in a meaningful way. Here gather young, broad-minded individuals of various subcultures and hobbies.

Open Space for Youth allows you to:

meet with friends,
treat yourself with a cup of coffee or tea for free,
play board-games,
seek inspiration,
implement your ideas,
spend leisure time after school,
perform social tasks,
reserve the space for meetings,
organize events and activities,
participate in various discussion clubs,
or simply hide from the rain.

Open Space for Youth organises a number of educational activities. Individuals and groups of pupils and students are welcome to register.

The official Facebook page of Open Space for Youth

Discovery Space

Respublikos g. 14, IInd floor

Tel. (8 45) 50 16 97, e-mail

Discovery space is an open space designed for learning and collaboration.

The discovery space holds 4 workstations with new computers. You can immerse yourself into the role of a designer and get to know the secrets of computer graphics by learning to work with graphics tablets.

There is a space for small gatherings and a free Wi-Fi connection.

Sensory space

Respublikos g. 14, IInd floor
Tel. 8 675 550 19, 8 604 078 68, e-mail

Pojūčių erdvė

Registration is necessary

The Sensory Space is designed for learning, relaxation, and concentration. The space provides innovative technology, which combines different colour lights, a wide range of soundtracks and videos.

A cosy and comfortable room setting invites to relax and dive into the world of feelings and sensations. It can also be used for meditation and concentration practice.

Parents with children or school teachers with pupils are welcome to use this space to encourage conversations or engage in educational activities.

The equipment is easy to use and has English menu.

The space fits up to 5 people at a time. You can incorporate a visit to the sensory space in your library tour.


Respublikos g. 14, IInd floor
Tel. 8 603 798 11, e-mail

Makerspace is a laboratory of informational technologies and robotics for young library visitors. Here you will find a 3D printer and various other technological devices. By participating in robotics lessons, which are held every Saturday, you can learn to construct, to program, and to control a small robot.

Registration is required.