Ordering and borrowing of publications

When a reader logs in to the electronic catalogue, it is suggested to change the password provided by the library employee. This action is suggested, but not obligatory. Even without changing the password in the www directory, its functionality can still be used, e.g. for searching, ordering documents, etc.

Ordering of publications

You can order publications from the library via the electronic catalogue online or through the library’s local network. Publications are ordered at the Storage, Lending Department and Regional Heritage Dissemination Department.

  • Publications ordered at the Lending Department and the Storage are to be picked up at the Lending Department.
  • Publications ordered at the Regional Heritage Dissemination Department are to be picked up at the same department.
  • You can check the information about the ordered publications in your electronic account. Enter the Reader Pass number. Password – your last name in Lithuanian characters.
  • Publications from the open-source reading rooms cannot be ordered.

Issuance of publications

All registered users of the library can borrow and take publications home.

Publications for home use are issued:

  • At the Lending Department (Respublikos g. 14),
  • At the Children’s Literature Department (Respublikos 26–4 g. 4),
  • At the Arts Reading Room (Respublikos g. 14).

Reservation of publications

If all copies of the publication are unavailable, you can reserve it via the library’s electronic catalogue or by making an oral request to the librarian. You can reserve publications at the Lending Department (Respublikos g. 14) and at the Children’s Literature Department (Respublikos g. 26–4 ).

Borrowing terms for publications

You can borrow up to 30 publications for 30 days for home use.

Newly received and in-demand publications may have shorter deadlines.

At the request of the reader, the borrowing period of publications may be extended twice, unless the publication is requested by other readers. The deadline for the return of documents is extended at the request of the reader in the library, via the online library catalogue, by phone or by e-mail:

Information on read, reserved publications and their return deadlines can be checked in your electronic account.

The following publications are not lent for home use:

  • rare publications
  • encyclopaedias
  • dictionaries
  • books with autographs
  • serial and periodical publications
  • manuscripts
  • micro copies
  • visuals
  • cartographies
  • audio-visual documents
  • single copies (excluding fiction)
  • documents issued before 1946.

 We invite you to use these publications in the Library Reading Rooms.


Failure to return the documents within the set time will result in a charge of 3 Euro cents for each delayed library workday and each document, as determined by the Order of the Director of the Library.

If the request for return of the document was sent by post, the reader will have to pay the postage costs for each request sent.

For more information on borrowing of publications, call (8 45) 46 57 67 or contact us via e-mail klausk@pavb.lt