Discovering the Region

Panevėžys Region Virtually

In 2015 Panevėžys County Gabrielė Petkevičaitė-Bitė Public Library, Department of Region’s Cultural Heritage Dissemination carried out a project „Panevėžio krašto kultūra virtualiame lobyne“ (“Virtual Treasure of Panevėžys Culture“). The project resulted in a website „Panevėžio kraštas virtualiai” (“Panevėžys Region Virtually”) which represents and actualizes virtual heritage of Panevėžys region.

The library’s Department of Region’s Cultural Heritage Dissemination and other Lithuanian memorial institutions have gathered unique and valuable cultural heritage documents about Panevėžys region. Some of these documents had already been digitalized and published virtually. All this material used to be dispersed throughout different places, but now it will be easily accessible from one website „Panevėžio kraštas virtualiai“ (“Panevėžys Region Virtually”).

The rich content of this website include:

  • virtual exhibitions of Panevėžys and its people,
  • historical articles from the series „Istorijos puslapiai“ (“Pages of History”)
  • virtual sculpture gallery „Skulptūros viešosiose Panevėžio erdvėse“ (“Sculptures in Public Places of Panevėžys“),
  • calendar of important dates,
  • and others.

This website is a real treasure for those who are interested in Panevėžys, its culture, and history.

You will find this website at