Library Conversations: Britt Sanne (Norway)

The guest of the Library blog Geros knygos is our colleague Britt Sanne (Norway). Britt is a Department Manager of Tønsberg og Færder library. How do Norwegian libraries go about innovation in the situation, when the virus closes physical services and drives digital demand? How does the Tønsberg og Færder library adjust to the unusual….. Read More

Ursula Liebman smiling

Library Conversations: Ursula Liebman (Austria)

The guest of the Library blog Geros knygos is our colleague Ursula Liebman (Austria). Ursula is the general manager of Meeting Point Library, the office for public libraries, which is tasked with offering a service and support for public librarians and their work within 260 public libraries in the federal province of Lower Austria. The….. Read More

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Library Conversations: Cinzia Puccetti (Italy)

The guest of the Library blog Geros knygos and the column Library Conversations is fellow librarian Cinzia Puccetti (Italy). Cinzia is in charge of educational and cultural projects of Bagno a Ripoli Public Library. Read the conversation and learn more about our colleagues! Italy was the first country after China to be invaded by the pandemic,….. Read More

Magdalena Smyczek

Library Conversations: Magdalena Smyczek (Poland)

The guest of the Library blog Geros knygos and our column Library Conversations is our colleague Magdalena Smyczek (Poland). Magdalena is a librarian in the Youth Department of Zory Municipal Public library. Read the conversation and learn about the profession of a librarian, interesting books, and more! When interviewing our colleagues about books and reading,….. Read More

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Library conversations: Anya Feltreuter (Sweden)

The column Library Conversations features Anya Feltreuter, the director of Mjölby Public Library (Sweden) and the Chair of Management and Marketing section for IFLA (International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions). Read the interview and get familiar with everyday life at Mjölby Public Library in the time of the COVID-19 pandemic. Plus, get some reading inspirations….. Read More

Brian Stettner

Library Conversations: Brian Stettner (USA)

“Library conversations” is a column dedicated to meaningful conversations about libraries, reading habits, and professional relationships among librarians. Today’s guest is Brian Stettner, a librarian from Martin Luther King Branch of the Columbus Metropolitan Library in Ohio (United States of America) and Secretary of the (Columbus) Association of Public Library Employees. Read more about rescent….. Read More