Finnish children were listening to Lithuanian fairy tales

Enchanted garden

Panevėžys County Library (Lithuania) participated in one of the creative projects, coordinated by Terhi Virkkunen in the sister library – Pyhäjoki Municipal Library (Finland).

Terhi worked in kindergartens, introducing to kids stories and fairy tales, some words and phrases in various languages: “I collected everyday childhood stories. Then, I edited them, leaving the main parts of the story, adding colors and adjectives, and thus creating a fairy tale from a simple story. The idea lies in the fact that we adults today should remember what we were like in childhood and how we then looked at everyday life through the prism of a magical childish imagination. It seems that adults today are fighting fiercely for stupid things on social networks, and I would like people to forget this for a while.” 


Panevėžys County Library introduced Finnish children to a fairy tale, recording it in Lithuanian language, so that children could hear how this language sounds. In the audio recording, the children also heard several Lithuanian phrases, numbers from 1 to 10, the names of the colors of Lithuanian national flag. In the video the children could also see funny illustrations that helped them understand the events of the story. 43 children and 9 adults participated in the event. They learned the names of the colors and tried to discover Lithuania on the map. After watching the video recording of the story, they tried to guess what it was about (later the listeners found out the real events of the story). “I am extremely grateful that you took part in our project, I would very much like to cooperate with you in the future! ”, said Terhi, the project coordinator.