The Cultural Project Will Feature Renowned Lithuanian Artists

Vaizdas be pavadinimo

Panevėžys County Gabrielė Petkevičaitė-Bitė Public Library is continuing a cultural project “Maža žemėlapyje, didi pasaulyje 2” (eng. Tiny on the Map, Great in the World 2). Learn more and participate in literary, art, and music events.

About the project

With this ongoing project, the library seeks to highlight the work of artists of the Panevėžys region that make Lithuania famous, to seek the synthesis and cooperation of different branches of art through an innovative form.

Planned activities

The project offers three main interlocking or even merging cycles of events: literature, art and music, and one large joint event covering many different arts and activities, actively involving creators and community members.

The literature cycle will include literary commemorations; meetings with writers of the Panevėžys region, who are well-known in Lithuania and in the world. The art cycle will include professional personal painting exhibitions and photography exhibitions. The music cycle will invite famous performers of classical and popular music of Panevėžys region. The project will be crowned by the closing event dedicated to the memory of the world-famous artist Jonas Mekas from Biržai.

This set of activities will contribute to the popularization of knowledge about the history of Panevėžys region and its famous people, raising awareness about the country, establishing it as an important and culturally active not only in the country, but also abroad. It is hoped that a wide range of events will attract people interested in different fields of art, promote interdisciplinary cooperation, and make the citizens of Panevėžys region take pride in the artists of their country.

The project is funded by Lithuanian Council for Culture and Panevėžys City Municipality