Children’s Literature Department: 50 years of creativity

Vaizdas be pavadinimo

Children’s Literature Department, located in Aukštaičių g. 4, Panevėžys, is famous for original projects organised in all libraries of Panevėžys region. This department of the library has various educational programmes prepared. The department often wins prizes at the national competitions of educational programs. Employees of the department share their experience in conferences and trainings of library’s specialists of the region. This year the department celebrated its 50th birthday. Learn more about the library’s department, which works with and for children!

Among the most successful projects, implemented by the department, there is ‘Aukštaitijos Etno kilimas’ (‘Ethno carpet of Aukštaitija’). The project motivated interest from young readers for innovative digital technology and a heritage of their own region. Children’s Literature Department is also working closely with the local community of mothers, called ‘Mamos varom kavos’ (‘Moms let’s go for some coffee’). Together, the partners organise Mommy meetings. Relevant topics are discussed with specialists, mothers get to share their experiences about raising children, career, and other subjects. These events take place in the library’s Central Palace. Every Thursday, mothers with their toddlers are invited to participate in reading sessions in the Sensory space. Employees of the department offer various activities for their readers, for example, competitions, trivia, crossword puzzles, etc. Recently, a new book club ‘Knygų graužikai’ (‘Bookworms’) was established.

During summer holidays in 2019, the Children’s Literature Department invited children from the city to participate in various creative and interesting activities at summer camps. A theme of one summer camp was to prove that the word human starts with the uppercase letter ‘H’. A theme of another summer camp was a fantasy world, therefore, children spent time exploring unbelievable things not only in the city, but the whole country. A board game ‘Kelionė į devintą stotį‘ (‘Journey to the Ninth Station), created in 2019, has also attracted a lot of young volunteers to try it out. Interesting fact, children themselves participated in the creation of this game!

‘People who work here are amazing, dedicated, love books and are inspired by children. Laughter never ends. We constantly implement new and unexpected ideas. Our accumulated collection of children books is the biggest in the region’, – says Greta Kėvelaitienė, the head of Children’s Literature Department.

In 2020, Children’s Literature Department celebrated its 50th anniversary and invited everyone to an impressive, colourful and cheerful birthday party. There was no official part of the party, which are usual for such celebrations. Everything at the party were prepared for the young readers, including education, games, animated movies, surprises and loads of sweets.

According to G. Kėvelaitienė, 2020 is the year of grand projects. Library specialists from Panevėžys are going to manage the national project called ‘Vasara su knyga’ (‘Summer with a book’) and invite everyone to an interactive exhibition of Iceland ‘Šiaurės šalių vaikų knygų potvynis’ (‘The flood of children books from Northern countries’). Also, the project ‘Nuspalvink mūsų kolekciją’ (‘Colour our collection’) is going to be implemented in which, based on collections of rare books from all libraries of the region, a colouring book will be created. July 1st will welcome children with a summer camp, aimed at learning more about sustainability and ecology.

Children’s Literature Department is also awaiting its reconstruction under financing from European Union structural funds. It is the library’s vision that Children’s Literature Department will become even more welcoming and interesting place to the young readers.

Visit the official website of Children’s Literature Department (in Lithuanian) and learn more!