Partner Rijeka City Library is a significant part of the European Capital of Culture 2020

Magazine "Brickzine"
Magazine "Brickzine"

Rijeka is the European Capital of Culture 2020 and our partner Rijeka City Library is one of the project hosts involved in many stages of programme development. Learn how Rijeka City Library is participating.

Children’s House

Rijeka City Library is one of the lead hosts of the project the Children’s House. It is not only the name of the European Capital of Culture flagship, but also an actual physical structure that is being constructed at the site of the former Rikard Benčić Factory in Rijeka. It is promised that several industrial heritage buildings will be given a cultural makeover. One such building is the Brick Building, which will be repurposed as the Children’s House.

The Children’s House will offer programmes aimed at children, parents and grandparents. It is hoped that these programmes will encourage young people to connect with a particular place, will help to establish relationships and better understand their own environment. These programmes invite visitors from Croatia and other countries to come to Rijeka.

The Month of Good Children’s Books

Rijeka City Library is organising children’s book and reading festival The Month of Good Children’s Books in April. It is a literary event, which includes a series of reading activities, from visits of international authors, to exhibitions and workshops.

The festival is organised for children and adults who are included in their development. “The aim of this event is to draw attention to the importance of the choice of children’s books and to familiarise children and the people bringing them up with examples of good children’s books and the authors who pass on positive messages to the children“, organisers inform.

The event has been previously known as The Week of Good Children’s Books, but a lot has changed since its first release in 2012. This year, the event broadens its scope and becomes The Month of Good Children’s Books. Within the programme, there are book games and quizzes, book presentations with their authors (writers, illustrators and translators), storytelling, readings, discussions, and various workshops.

The Slide (Croatian: Tobogan ) Festival

Rijeka City Library is also organising The Slide Festival. The idea behind this festival is expressed in its subtitle “active holidays for children”, offering something completely different than the usual summer holidays.

The Slide Festival is scheduled to take place in June and July. The organisers say that many have already know The Slide Festival, that is why they cannot wait for the school year to end. The festival will be held for two weeks and will offer a lot of interesting workshops, shows, concerts, street performances, games, film screenings, and a spectacular three-day performance by the best street entertainers to cheer everyone.

Rijeka City Library is planning even more creative activities this year. For more information, visit
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