Arvydas Každailis exhibition „Heraldry“

Begins:2019-10-03 17:00
Ends:2019-11-02 16:00

Library invites everyone into the exclusive exhibition „Heraldry“, dedicated to commemorate a century of Lithuania‘s restitution, where the creations and restorations of the artist Arvydas Každailis will be on display. According to the organizers, heraldry exhibition is unique because it combines art, history, tradition and trade. Exhibition opens on October 3rd 17:15 and the artist, Arvydas Každailis, will be attending.

Arvydas Každailis – versatile older generation’s artist, graphic designer , book illustrator, heraldry creator. He is considered to be a XX-XXI century’s Lithuanian art classic. He mostly creates using liner and etching techniques. A. Každailis is one of the most prominent illustrators in Lithuania. For his etching cycle in Petras Dusburgietis book „Chronicles of Prussia“ in 2002 he was awarded the Lithuania’s national culture and art prize.

Artist A. Každailis creates national, municipal and personal heraldry. He has already created almos all heraldry of his state. Some of his works include: Lithuania‘s coat of arms, the flag of the Lithuanian president, Lithuania‘s historical state flag. A. Každailis has created and recreated  more than 40 coats of arms for various cities and towns in Lithuania. While creating personal heraldry of nobles (dukes, feudals coats of arms) the artist preforms renovations adapting to the old artist‘s work. He has also created a few original coats of arms for various families.

According to art critic and artist Vytenis Rimkauskas, A. Každailio works are important because of their contribution to Lithuanian history and image.

A. Každailis was born in 1939 in Baisiogala. In 1957 he graduated from Baisiogala middle school. 1957-1962 he studied graphic design in Lithuania’s national institute art. From 1968 he has participated in many art exhibitions in Lithuania and abroad. A member of the Lithuanian artist’s union since 1969. In 1999 was awarded The Order of the Lithuanian Grand Duke Gediminas Knights’s Cross.

Exhibition is open until November 2nd.

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