Juozas Miltinis Memorial Apartment

Algirdo g. 54–19

Tel. (8 45) 43 69 89, 8 616 191 68, e-mail miltinis@pavb.lt

Juozas Miltinis Memorial Apartment is the authentic home space of the legendary theatre director of the 20th century Juozas Miltinis. The entire personal legacy of the director is exhibited here, including his personal library, manuscript, artwork collection, audio and video recordings of rehearsals, photographs, personal belongings.

Theatre chronicler Kazimieras Vitkus’ archive of Panevėžys Drama Theatre is also kept here.

A modern exhibition, which reflects the life and art of J. Miltinis, also creates the atmosphere of his theatre.

Here you can do the following:

learn about J. Miltinis’ biography and career by looking into a modern time band, which displays interesting documents, items and photographs;
find broad information about the artefacts by using QR code scanning program;
participate in educational activities;
attend events, exhibitions, guided group tours.

Please register in advance, if you want to participate in educational activities or guided tours.