Reducing socio-cultural exclusion in Ignalina district, based on the Italian experience

Project duration: 2019 07 01 – 2021 09 30


  • Ignalina District Municipality
  • Ignalina Third Century University
  • JUMP in Erasmus Plus International Trainings

Project presentation

The overall goal of the project consortium (library, municipal administration, third century university) is to reduce the socio-cultural exclusion of older people in Ignalina district.

Activities planned during the project

It is planned to get acquainted with the activities of different cultural, local self-government institutions, communities, third century universities in Italy, activating the cooperation of the consortium members in the fields of culture and lifelong learning in Ignalina district. After monitoring the Italian model, it is palnned to apply possible new initiatives in district institutions, non-governmental organizations, communities and thus improve services provided to geographically remote users of older generation.

Project result

Through these activities, a group of librarians, local authorities and third-century university administrators will be introduced to the models of cooperation existing in Italy and apply these models to reduce socio-cultural exclusion of older people in Ignalina district.

Contact information: Vida Sekonienė, Deputy Director, e-mail p.,

The project is funded by the Erasmus+ program