International writer’s residency program Writing@Moletai

Project duration: 2021 03 01 – 2021 11 30

Project partner: Panevėžys County Gabrielė Petkevičaitė-Bitė Public Library

Project presentation

The international writers’ residency program “Writing@Molėtai” enables ten Lithuanian and foreign writers to live and work in Molėtai region for 3-4 weeks, get acquainted with the local cultural life, cooperate with other authors, the local art community and readers. Meetings with the authors are open and free of charge, they will be broadcasted on the Internet, texts will be published on the Molėtai Library website, in the literary press and as an e-book.

Activities planned during the project

Ten writers will be living and working in Molėtai region for a month. The texts will be pushed in various outlets. Meetings with the authors will be organized and broadcasted.

Project result

This project will result in cultural exchange between the visiting authors and the local community of Molėtai, and a body of published literary work created during this program.

Responsible for the project: Austėja Jasaitienė, Chief librarian of the Innovation and maintenance department, e-mail

Partially funded by Lithuanian Council for Culture