Nordic Children’s Book Flood

Duration of the project: 2020 06 01–2021 06 30

Project presentation

The aim of the project is to acquaint children, youth and educational specialists with classical and contemporary Nordic and Baltic children’s literature, to promote reading habits in an innovative way, to increase the visibility of Nordic literature in Lithuania, by attracting large audiences to Panevėžys. In cooperation with partners, special programs will be developed for the target groups: creative workshops for children, their parents and young people, trainings for teachers, specialists of memory institutions.

Activities planned during the project

Three Baltic countries: Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania (Panevėžys only) will hold an exhibition created by the famous Icelandic writer and illustrator Kristín Ragna Gunnarsdóttir. Idea: The exhibition is designed so that each guest could actively participate in the adventures offered at different sections. Visitors “travel” with special passports, which are stamped at each new location. The main element of the interactive exhibition is a large Viking ship, which allow up to 25 children to sit on it and listen to Nordic and Baltic literature readings or read the books individually. The main audience of the exhibition is children from 3 to 12 years old. Exhibition includes various activities: drawing, storytelling, writing poetry, solving literary quizzes,  participating in creative lessons with artists, writers, illustrators and more.

Project result

New interactive service; over 8,000 children acquainted with contemporary and classical literature of the Nordic and Baltic countries in innovative ways; it is planned that about 500 specialists will visit the exhibition.

Responsible person in Panevėžys County

Gabrielė Petkevičaitė-Bitė Public is Toma Apnytė-Kirslienė, Head of the Department of Cultural Education of Children and Youth, e-mail, tel. (8 45) 43 56 77

The project is funded by Panevėžys city municipality and Nordic Council of Ministers Office in Lithuania

Panevėžys city municipality