Development of storytelling art and method for Lithuanian libraries

Project duration: 19 09 2020 – 30 06 2022

Project presentation

The project aims to develop contemporary storytelling art in Lithuania and, with the help of partners from Sweden and Norway, to create a model for the application of storytelling art and method to Lithuanian libraries, to test and develop it as a new educational service for users of all ages and social groups.

Activities planned during the project

The librarians of the North-Eastern region of Lithuania will adopt the experience of the innovative method by participating in the training sessions, accompanied by testing in focus groups, reflection events and preparing a project presentation for the audiences in Lithuania and the Nordic countries.

Expected result of the project

– In 2020 a six-hour introductory storytelling training session “Oral storytelling. Story, Storyteller and Listener ” for public library professionals. Lecturer – educator, project manager Rose-Marie Lindfors from the Nordic Storytelling Center (Sweden). The two-day training was attended by 215 participants. The lecturer introduced the participants to the methods of oral storytelling and shared her most successful methods of storytelling in libraries. The participants of the training practically learned to apply storytelling methods without using books, using only imagination, learned to present silent books, etc.

– In 2021 a five-day (40 hours) training for the development of educational storytelling programs for Panevėžys region libraries specialists was organized. The training was led by a lecturer Rose-Marie Lindfors from the Nordic Storytelling Center (Sweden) and a professional storyteller, artist Tiril Bryn (Norway). The curriculum was based on the development of storyteller ‘s competency model developed by the Federation for European Storytelling (FEST). During the training, the 8 competencies of storytellers were developed for 40 specialists of Panevėžys and Utena county public libraries. Specialists of Panevėžys and Utena county libraries, with the help of professional storytellers, created 5 unique educational programs for different library audiences. The sets of educational tools for the storytelling programs were prepared by the artist Neringa Minkevičienė. The educations developed by librarians during the training are methodically described in Eduteka (a digital space containing tools and methodologies for educational activities with children).

– On the 24–27 of February, 2022 a joint presentation of educational programs created by librarians of Panevėžys region took place at Vilnius Book Fair. Librarians-educators from Molėtai, Panevėžys city, Anykščiai, Pasvalys, Biržai and Gabrielė Petkevičaitė-Bitė public libraries in total held 41 educational sessions, involving 441 participants.

– By the 30 of June, 2022 library specialists will held 40 narrative educational sessions in total for different audiences in Panevėžys and Utena County Libraries using sets of educational tools.

– On the 16–17 of May, 2022 the experience gained during the Project, will be presented at the Nordic Storytelling Center (Skellefteå, Sweden).

– On the 31 of May, 2022 an international closing conference will be organized in Panevėžys to share experience with the country’s librarians. CONFERENCE PROGRAME

Responsible person in Panevėžys County Gabrielė Petkevičaitė-Bitė Public Library

Laima Butkūnienė, project coordinator of the Regional Libraries Strategic Development Department, e-mail:, tel. (8 45) 50 20 38.

The project is funded by

Nordic culture point