Kazimieras Barėnas Personal Library’s Reading Room

Respublikos str. 14, IInd floor

Tel. (8 45) 58 25 40, e-mail krastotyra@pavb.lt

Monday–Friday 8.30–19.30
Saturday 9.00–16.00

Kazimieras Barėnas Personal Library’s Reading Room is a place where you will find a unique collection of books and a few desks for individual work.

The open collection consists of the entire personal collection of books and periodicals of Lithuanian author Kazimieras Barėnas (1907–2006) who resided in London. The collection consists of 3279 copies of publications, such as:

Lithuanian emigrant writers’ publications in Lithuanian and English languages,
the reproductions of paintings of world-famous painters,
books about history, politics, religion, various sets of series of publications in Lithuanian language.

The reading room walls are decorated with the paintings of Kazimieras Barėnas’ wife, painter Marija Barėnienė.

You are welcome to use all the publications of the reading room inside the library. If you wish to read at home, ask a librarian.

The reading room holds 8 desks. Free Wi-Fi connection is available.