Exhibition of Vytautas Ignas’ Paintings

Vytautas Ignas painting
Begins:2019-05-07 9:30
Ends:2019-05-31 19:00

We invite you to an expressive exhibition by Vytautas Ignas, a prominent World Lithuanian artist. This exhibition is part of the series “Lithuanian Art in Exile” dedicated to the World Lithuanians’ Year.

Vytautas Ignas, Lithuanian painter, graphic and stained-glass artist, was born in 1924 in Raseiniai county. From 1941 to 1943 he studied in Vilnius Art Academy. In 1944 V. Ignas moved to Germany, where he continued art studies in Freiburg’s École des Arts et Métiers. In 1949 he studied graphics with Telesforas Valius.

In 1950 the artist moved to Chicago, USA. There V. Ignas worked in a factoryin and studied stained-glass techniques with Albinas Elskus. In 1962 he moved to New York as a free-lance artist and became part of Lithuanian Artists’ Union, in 1970 he also became a member of Americans’ Graphic Artists’ Club. During 1970–1972 the painter taught Book Art, Design, and Graphics in Catan-Rose Institute of Art, New York. He was awarded with the Prize for Art Prize by the Lithuanian Community’s Council for Culture in 1982.

V. Ignas and his wife Birutė moved back to Lithuania and lived in Vilnius.